So many people shrug off their back pain. They say it’s no big deal. Yet the reality is in our country, people under 45 that are on disability claim the biggest issue they have…is lower back pain. If something is so painful it causes you to withdraw from work and your daily activities…we’d say that’s a pretty big deal.

But people fear that in order to get better…they’ll have to get back surgery. So instead of dealing with the issue, they rely on NSAID’s or painkillers, which have harmful effects….and sometimes addictive effects

But the reality is—you can get complete back pain relief without any surgery whatsoever!

If we told you we could heal your back pain without cutting you open, would you do something about your pain?

Spinal Decompression is one way to heal your bulging discs and lower back pain without surgery.

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How does it work?

During the treatment with the DRX9000—technology that allows back pain relief without surgery, thanks to technology and science—a patient lies face up with knees bent, while his or her shoulders are supported. Your hands stay relaxed.

Why Choose Spinal Decompression?:

• It decompresses your spine in order to increase disc spaces, and reduce disc protrusions allowing the body to heal
• The machine can be used in many ways! You can angle the decompression in order to affect to specifically target your problem disc or discs different cervical or lumbar levels to help pinpoint your problem area
• Using decompression can lower the pressure inside the disc, giving many patients pain relief—especially if the pressure on a nerve is released

Don’t believe it? Numbers don’t lie:

A study in the Orthopedic Technology Review showed a marked reduction in disc herniations or protrusions in 71% of patients using the DRX 9000. When you compare that number to this statistic, it’s clear that spinal decompression is absolutely a worthy method to reduce back pain:

A 2005 article in the orthopedic journal Spine studied patients who suffered with lower back pain and/or sciatica, and after surgery only 39% found great improvements in their quality of life, despite the fact that 99% of those patients were told they would get at least a moderate improvement, if not a great one in their quality of life.

If you’re still hesitant, consider these testimonials from patients who have experienced great success with spinal decompression:

Back to Sports:
“I am an avid tennis player and I try to play at least four times a week. Because of my disc herniations, I had to stop playing…I was becoming very depressed, so I started trying all types of treatments, but nothing helped. I decided to give spinal decompression a try. I could not be happier. Not only am I back to playing tennis, but also I have started running again. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am. If you have a herniated disc you have to try this miracle machine!!!” —Ruben K.

Too Many Injections:
“I had 15 epidurals over the course of 10 years for my back and sciatic pain. Since using the DRX9000, I have been pain free for months…Years ago I had surgery on my neck for the same problems and after comparing the two, I truly feel this machine could be the end to back surgery!!!” —Mary Anne S.

Lower Back Blues
“I had constant pain in my lower back and both legs. My neurosurgeon told me that surgery was my only shot for relief. In fact, he wanted to schedule me that day. My orthopedist told me to try the DRX9000 as a last ditch effort…not only is my excruciating pain gone, I have actually returned to all of my normal routines!” —Diana O.

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