For many people, going to the doctor is a case of “putting out the fire.” Rather than good preventative care, they’re merely putting a band-aid on symptoms that over time, will simply come back to rear their ugly heads. The individually-tailored Functional Medicine program at Advanced Wellness will get to the root cause of your health symptoms to nip them in the bud for good.

Finally! You can live a well life.

Alternative Medicine That Works

Our program will change your health, for the better! For each patient, we use an alternative medicine approach that goes beyond the standard blood work and physical you’ll get at the doctor’s.

Our program does the following in order to create a health program that brings you optimal health and a full, well life:

These tests go beyond traditional medicine, which uses baseline testing and compares the results to the “norm” of the population. Instead, we are able to see your own unique situation and deficiencies by using such advanced tests.

This program is ideal for those who suffer from diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, gastrointestinal diseases, autoimmune disorders or hormonal imbalances who are ready to feel great again.

Optimal Health: Functional Medicine Weight Loss

We also find that this program is fantastic for patients ready to lose weight and/or looking to reduce their prescription medicine intake—which often causes weight gain! Rather than “treat symptoms,” we create the most optimal health for our patients by getting to the root cause of their weight gain.

In conjunction with our team and exercise based on each patient’s ability, our patients watch as the pounds drop and their wellness soars.

Functional Medicine Doctors: 25 Years of Experience in Wellness Care

Let the team at Advanced Wellness show you how we can change your life, one step at a time. Our functional medicine doctors take this proven system of advanced diagnostics, coupled with our life changing educational curriculum to empower our patients to live a healthy life that some never thought was possible!

From reversing to preventing many diseases, we will work together as a team to improve your overall health, reduce or eliminate prescription medicine intake, support weight loss, and more. Let us show you how good you can feel and look. Call us today at (732) 431-2155 to get started.