While our current healthcare system focuses on treating diseases rather than reversing the cause, Advanced Wellness, a medical wellness center in Central NJ, focuses on getting to the heart of our clients’ health issues. We pride ourselves on developing custom, person-specific treatment plans that improve health from head to toe.

Our practice is built on the belief that optimizing health and wellness enriches the lives of individuals and families. Our team of board certified and licensed providers, clinicians, and administrative staff is dedicated to providing individualized care and pain management in a warm, friendly, and welcoming environment. With a variety of health and wellness programs and natural or homeopathic methodologies, we pride ourselves on coaching our clients to be in charge of their own health, helping them live richer and happier lives.

Health And Wellness Programs: Pain Management And Beyond

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, lead a healthy lifestyle, relieve pain, work on your posture, increase your range of motion, or improve fertility, Advanced Wellness can help you achieve your goals. Each staff member works together to create a customized wellness plan based on your individual needs and health history.

Beyond your basic wellness coach, we use a variety of measurements such as blood pressure, orthopedic testing, BMI, Blood & Saliva testing, nutrition counseling and more to identify issues in a preventative – not reactive – way. Along the way, we give you the tools and confidence to help you set goals and the support needed reach them.

Build the healthy lifestyle, body, and mind you’ve been wanting. Learn how our wellness practice can help you grow and heal! Call us today at (732) 431-2155.