Headaches may seem commonplace, but the reality is that they are not normal. Pain can impact the quality of your life, making you even feel dizzy and nauseous. Chronic headaches can cause people to retreat from their active lifestyles and seek out medication to mute the pain. But the positive news is that you can experience headache relief and potentially correct the cause of your headaches by seeking out quality chiropractic care for headaches.

Advanced Wellness puts our passion into cutting-edge care and wellness by using chiropractic care as a chronic headache treatment for our clients.

With a whole- body methodology and a focus on holistic care, we offer an alternative view to modern medicine’s mentality of treating the symptom rather than the whole patient. And the research backs us up: spinal manipulation and chiropractic care for headaches does indeed, work for both acute and chronic headaches.

Chiropractors in My Area for Headache Treatment

The truth about headaches is that many of them are caused by strain in the neck or upper back. Things like our office lifestyles, phone and computer habits, time spent commuting, and many other factors, it’s very common for neck strain to cause headaches and chronic pain. Chiropractic adjustments that focus on these key areas of strain can help increase strength and mobility to decrease the prevalence of headaches.

Call 732-431-2155 or visit our practice to see what our wellness team can do for your headache management. From spinal manipulations to nutritional advice, exercises and general chiropractic adjustments, we will offer you comprehensive care to help you feeling great again!