Advanced Wellness is a health and wellness center in Monmouth county giving patients whole body “well” care with a focus on a more holistic and preventative approach to living well lives. Our team of clinicians works together to create a personalized plan for each and every patient, providing our patients with top-notch care. We believe that a team approach rather than one sole practitioner for each patient, helps to give our patients healthier lives, as well as the expertise of many.

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A Pain Management Clinic Run The Holistic Way: Alternative Medicine

Our pain management clinic comes to the table with a combined fifty years’ of experience to give our patients our full expertise when it comes to pain management, chiropractic care, nutrition and more! We approach caring for our patients using alternative medicine and methods in order to create “well bodies,” prevent further injuries and sicknesses, as well as avoid drugs and serious surgeries that often provide complications later on down the road.

For each area in our practice, we use the latest techniques and cutting-edge methods such as Cold Therapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma injections. We believe that using alternative methods to patient care helps our patients to avoid long-term use of painkillers. Rather than get our patients “comfortable,” we strive to make them well again, from head to toe.

Full Body Care: Consult With Us Today For Pain Treatment, Physical Therapy and Beyond

Pain treatment can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Our unique team-based approach gives patients the tailor-made treatments they need. By using multiple methods to attack areas of pain and weakness, this helps our patients to get strong and well again. Whether it’s combining acupuncture with pain management or physical therapy with pain management and chiropractic care, we work together to deliver you the results and health you desire.

Call us today to schedule a consultation at 732-431-2155.