Remember the days when your mom would yell at you to stand up straight? Well, mom had your best interest in mind! Whether you’re on your way to school with a back pack or working at a desk from nine to five, correct posture is important to avoid pain in the back, neck, and shoulders which could lead to arthritis, joint pain and future digestive, circulation and cardiopulmonary problems. Correct posture is especially important in today’s technology-driven world, where we are constantly slouching over computers, video games, smartphones and tablets.

This month, make it a goal to improve your posture. This can be done by focusing on core-strengthening exercises such as yoga and pilates, as well as checking your posture throughout the day, whether you are sitting or standing. When standing, keep your heads up, shoulders back and stomach tucked in. If sitting, bend your legs at a 90 to 120 degree angle that is perpendicular to the floor, with your backside touching the back of the chair and feet flat on the floor. When using a mobile device, keep correct form by keeping feet flat on the floor, rolling your shoulders back and keeping your ears in line with your shoulders. Make it a point to get up and stretch periodically throughout the day to avoid and alleviate any type of pain caused by improper posture.

To further improve wellness and manage any posture-related pain, a certified chiropractor can work with you to establish proper form and relieve soreness, aching or discomfort. With chiropractic care, individuals can also learn posture exercises to practice on their own as well as tips for products to use to keep the body aligned. Strengthening your posture can prevent injury and muscle fatigue, increase energy and keep bones and joints functioning properly.

At Advanced Wellness, we offer numerous techniques ranging from low force instrument adjusting to traditional hands on manipulation based on your specific needs. If you, a friend or family member is experiencing any kind of pain, please call us today at 732-984-9567 to schedule an appointment with a member of our experienced chiropractic team.

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