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Advanced Wellness Launches Allergy Testing And Needleless Treatment Program

80% Of Allergic Patients Report Symptom Relief Within First Months Of Treatment

– For Immediate Release –

MARLBORO, NJ – September 5th, 2017 – Advanced Wellness today announced the introduction of their new shot-free allergy treatment program. The program, which detects and treats the root cause of allergies, is currently available in their Marlboro office.

While many over-the-counter allergy medications treat the symptoms of allergies, Advanced Wellness’s antigen serums work to correct the underlying cause of those symptoms by desensitizing the body’s immune system to the offending allergens. Traditionally, this type of treatment would require the patient to visit their doctor’s office several times per month for a subcutaneous injection. Advanced Wellness’s under-the-tongue immunotherapy drops, however, allow for the patient to conveniently self-treat at home.

The treatment is in tandem with an allergy assessment, which offers up to 100 environmental and food allergens to pinpoint the exact source of the irritant. Based on the patient’s individual results, a treatment serum is then customized to fit their exact needs.

“This treatment is as effective as it is convenient,” said Dr. Gary Yen. “It saves the patient several monthly trips to the Doctor’s office, and in many cases, the cost is equivalent to or cheaper than over-the-counter medications or co-pays for allergy shots.”

The all-natural solution is mixed in-house by Advanced Wellness’s team of expert clinicians. To date, 80% of allergic patients and 90% of asthmatics have reported marked symptom relief within the first few months of treatment.

“At Advanced Wellness, we pride ourselves on offering a full range of wellness programs and treatments rooted in holistic health. Our goal is to correct issues rather than simply manage them,” said Dr. Joseph Cilea.  “We consider ourselves a one-stop shop for all wellness needs, and our new allergy program is one of the many ways we continue to innovate to offer our patients the most comprehensive and effective treatment possible.”

Advanced Wellness’s allergy program is currently taking on new patients. To schedule your consultation, call 732-431-2155 or visit


Founded in 1997, Advanced Wellness is an integrated medical practice with locations in Marlboro, NJ and Sayreville, NJ. The practice prides itself on treating each individual patient holistically by identifying and correcting the root cause of problems, rather than simply stifling symptoms. Advanced Wellness’s team includes expert, board-certified clinicians spanning several disciplines. Advanced Wellness offers pain management treatments and injections, physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, nutrition and wellness counseling, medically supervised weight loss programs, and natural allergy treatments. To schedule an appointment or to learn more, call 732-431-2155 or visit

Media Contact

Lauren Masterson
Director of Marketing, Advanced Wellness

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