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Allergy Symptoms: The Constant Battle To Find The Right Treatment

Do you deal with pesky, uncomfortable or even intense allergy symptoms? For some people, their allergies impede their life severely. As you probably already know, oftentimes allergy and asthma go hand-in-hand. Beyond the sniffly nose and runny eyes, allergies can impact one’s breathing and health in a major way.

Many people struggle to find the right allergy treatment by juggling different medications and Googling “allergy testing near me”. This becomes a never ending cycle.

• Antihistamines and medications have side effects—instead of the allergies, you’re then dealing with the side effects of the medication
• They never improve: your allergies never seem to get “better,” only worse or the same
• Then, there are sometimes complications from the allergies you’re trying to alleviate, such as breathing problems caused by allergy and asthma
• And let’s not forget the never-ending allergy shots, doctor visits, copays and back and forth…all while waiting for the allergy shots to work
• Lastly, when and if the symptoms don’t fade, the medications get “bigger”—from antibiotics for constant ear and sinus infections, to steroids

But isn’t this just the way it has to be with allergies? Allergy shots? Medications?

Luckily, no. There’s a new, natural, side-effect and shot-free way to control your allergies.

Natural Allergy Relief: Take Back Your Health Today

If you’re tired of feeling as if medications and shots are the only way to go and are looking for some natural allergy relief, the good news is: It exists!

Instead of letting your allergies control you, it’s time you start controlling your allergies. Even better, with new cutting-edge natural treatment, you can correct the underlying issue creating that allergic immune response.

There are several benefits to such allergy drops and wellness programs for allergies:

1. No more shots! These drops are pain-free, go under the tongue, and can be done right at home. This means no more frequent doctor visits!
2. These drops are a serum developed around your personalized responses to sophisticated allergy assessments. You’ll be tested for a variety of allergens in order to develop a personalized treatment—unlike cookie cutter “one drug” for everyone type of treatments.
3. No more side effects. Forget drug side effects as allergy serums don’t have them…and they’re not bad for your body unlike other medications.
4. Get to the root with allergy testing and allergy drop development. Instead of masking symptoms, you’ll be improving your immune system’s response to the allergen.

This type of treatment won’t be found everywhere. Many doctors use the “treat the symptom, not the issue” model of care. This sophisticated type of allergy program may not be found just anywhere, but it will offer you more than just temporary allergy relief.

Discover the other possibilities for your allergies that you never even dreamed of. Reach out to your local wellness center and see if they offer this type of care. It will change your health, and your life.

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