Advanced Wellness uses the latest technology and research to guide our practices to reduce our clients’ back spasms and relieve pain after a back injury.  With a combined 50 years of experience, our practitioners use an integrative approach to discuss each client on a case-by case basis, giving our clients individualized treatment plans designed to decrease back pain and increase quality of life. While there may be many different reasons for your back discomfort, more often than not, back pain frequently results from injury or wear and tear (degenerative change with aging) on your body. But with our “whole body methodology,” we can help you feel well from head to toe, to decrease your pain and increase your quality of life.

If you’re seeking lower back pain treatment or care after a serious back injury, look no further than the individualized care and expertise of our team. Call us for a consultation today at 732-431-2155.

Lower Back Pain Treatment & Upper Back Care: Our Procedures

Advanced Wellness likes to rely on the latest solid research and technologies to get our clients feeling “well” again. Rather than relying on heavy drugs, surgeries or other drastic measures, our team likes to take a more holistic approach that helps our clients gain strength, flexibility and movement without the harsh side effects and trauma of surgery or pharmaceuticals.

If you are suffering with severe chronic lower back pain or upper back pain, we often suggest to our clients some of the following specialized procedures to assess or treat back injury:

Why suffer from chronic lower back pain or any type of back ailment any longer? There’s a whole world waiting for you. Let Advanced Wellness work with you to help you achieve the pain-free life you’re longing to live. Call us for a consultation today at 732-431-2155.