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Thermogenic Effects of Food

It is very important to realize the distinct difference between eating quality foods over processed refined foods. One of the differences that few know about is called thermogenics. Thermogenic is a property of a food type that causes the body to burn and use energy to digest food types. So lets give a basic example […]

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Did You Make a Health Deposit or Withdrawal Today?

By Dr. Joseph Cilea Huh? Each day we either move in the direction of health and wellness or towards sickness and disease. We rarely are staying in a neutral state. So how did you begin your day. Did you make a deposit or a withdrawal? Let me give some examples. Did you choose to get […]

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What is Wellness?

By Dr. Joseph Cilea I am often confused by the term wellness. What is it? Is it going to a spa for a massage? Is it eating a plate of veggies? The reality is there is no perfect definition. I think the best way to explain wellness is “any activity or habit you do to […]

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