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Allergy Symptoms: The Constant Battle to Find the Right Treatment

Do you deal with pesky, uncomfortable or even intense allergy symptoms? For some people, their allergies impede their life severely. As you probably already know, oftentimes allergy and asthma go hand-in-hand. Beyond the sniffly nose and runny eyes, allergies can impact one’s breathing and health in a major way. Many people struggle to find the […]

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Advanced Wellness Launches Allergy Testing and Needleless Treatment Program

80% of Allergic Patients Report Symptom Relief Within First Months of Treatment – For Immediate Release – MARLBORO, NJ – September 5th, 2017 – Advanced Wellness today announced the introduction of their new shot-free allergy treatment program. The program, which detects and treats the root cause of allergies, is currently available in their Marlboro office. […]

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