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The Rise of Tech Neck (And How to Avoid It)

Walk into any coffee shop and look around. No matter where you are in the country, one thing is the same, almost everyone seems to be looking down at their phones. With 77% of adults in America owning smartphones, it’s no secret that our society is dependent on them to stay connected in this digital […]

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Desk Job Causing Back Pain? Get Relief with These Five Exercises

According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain is one of the leading reasons for missed work. In fact, half of working Americans have back pain each year. What’s the reason for all of this back pain? The ACA says that injuries, arthritis, obesity and poor posture are some of the sources to blame. Thankfully, […]

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Weather and Pain: Is There a Connection?

Some folks swear that weather and pain go hand-in-hand. Whether it’s your neighbor’s theory that her joints ache thanks to the humidity, or your friend’s strong belief that her back pain due to cold weather, is not a joke, many people claim to be sensitive to weather changes. But is there any science to back […]

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Regenerative Therapy: The Latest Regenerative Medicine News

Are you familiar with regenerative therapy? Used as a natural method of pain relief and tissue regrowth, regenerative medicine is incredibly powerful for people dealing with neck and lower back pain. What is regenerative medicine? Regenerative medicine uses the body’s innate ability to heal damaged tissues, such as joints, muscles, tendons or ligaments in order […]

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Help With Back Pain: Back Injections & Treatments in A Holistic Setting

Struggling with back pain can be upsetting and frustrating, but our integrative holistic approach at Advanced Wellness will have you feeling better in no time. Using a variety of methodologies like back injections, (you may be familiar with a cortisone injection for back pain) cold laser therapy, physical therapy and more, we help our clients […]

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