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Weather and Pain: Is There a Connection?

Some folks swear that weather and pain go hand-in-hand. Whether it’s your neighbor’s theory that her joints ache thanks to the humidity, or your friend’s strong belief that her back pain due to cold weather, is not a joke, many people claim to be sensitive to weather changes. But is there any science to back […]

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Regenerative Therapy: The Latest Regenerative Medicine News

Are you familiar with regenerative therapy? Used as a natural method of pain relief and tissue regrowth, regenerative medicine is incredibly powerful for people dealing with neck and lower back pain. What is regenerative medicine? Regenerative medicine uses the body’s innate ability to heal damaged tissues, such as joints, muscles, tendons or ligaments in order […]

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Epidural Steroid Injections - Neck Pain

Neck Pain Treatment Methods

If you are suffering with neck pain, it can be hard to find the right neck pain treatment that rids you of that throbbing pain once and for all. Typically, neck pain sufferers tend to rely on pain medication or other more severe methods like surgery. It’s not unusual for people to have neck pain, […]

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Analyze and Treat Joints with the ProAdjuster

When patients experience back pain, chiropractors go through a series of tests and adjustments on the back in order to help alleviate the patient’s back pain. The ProAdjuster is an alternative to manual adjustment that requires no twisting or cracking. The procedure begins with a computer analysis that pinpoints the problem areas that cause the […]

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