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Regenerative Therapy: The Latest Regenerative Medicine News

Are you familiar with regenerative therapy? Used as a natural method of pain relief and tissue regrowth, regenerative medicine is incredibly powerful for people dealing with neck and lower back pain. What is regenerative medicine? Regenerative medicine uses the body’s innate ability to heal damaged tissues, such as joints, muscles, tendons or ligaments in order […]

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Stem Cell Rejuvenation & The Power of Regenerative Medicine

When patients have damaged muscles, tissues and ligaments, it’s not unusual for doctors to throw out the “S” word—that’s surgery if you weren’t sure. But there are some seriously potent and powerful treatments like stem cell rejuvenation that are surgery and knife-free methods to heal tendonitis, rotator cuff tears, ligament injuries, and more. If you’re […]

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Stem Cell Treatment: What Is It?

While many people have heard of the potential viability of stem cells themselves, most are unfamiliar with stem cell treatments in order to help heal damaged tissues, muscles and ligaments. Most people are in the dark about the healing potential of stem cells. The fact is stem cell replacement therapy can help you avoid surgery and […]

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