If you’re suffering with a herniated or bulging disc, pinched nerve, muscle strain, whiplash, or generalized neck pain, you know how debilitating the pain can be. Your quality of life is impacted highly. With age, injury and our technology-driven lives which keep many of us prone to the desk, neck injury is a common problem for many individuals.

Advanced Wellness is here with our combined 50 years of experience and cutting-edge attentive care to help free you from that pinched nerve in neck or other neck conditions.  Our team of doctors and clinicians work together as a team to discuss each client’s individualized case, creating a personalized treatment plan in order to relieve pain in neck and other areas of the body.

Pain in Neck: Ways to Relieve Pain and Live A Well Life

Many people have neck discomfort due to injury, stationary office life and general wear and tear with aging. That herniated disc in neck or pinched nerve can also be indicative of an issue in your spine. At Advanced Wellness, we rely on a more holistic approach to treat and get our clients back to health.

We do some of the following procedures or treatments to relieve the pinched nerve in neck syndrome or other common neck injuries we see in our practice:

You don’t have to let neck pain or neck injury slow you down any longer. With our care and expertise, Advanced Wellness will get you back to feeling like yourself again. Call us today at 732-431-2155 or click here to request your appointment