Common symptoms may include numbness, burning, intense pain, and muscle weakness. Advanced Wellness provides treatments for patients experiencing peripheral neuropathy, tailored specifically to the location, type and severity of pain:

  • Spinal Cord Stimulation – Low frequency electrical pulses administered on the spine. These pulses block nerve pathways.
  • Sympathetic blocks – The injection of anesthetic into or around damaged nerves.
  • Sympathetic Neurolysis – A targeted injection to destroy damaged nerves.
  • Radio frequency ablation of the sympathetic chain – Used on different nerve locations to cause neural ablation or destruction of nerves identified as “pain generating.”
  • Peripheral Nerve Blocks – The injection of anesthetic to the nerve or nerves that control sensation to specific parts of the body experiencing pain.
  • Desensitization Injection Therapy – A targeted injection that eliminates the stimulus for pain.
  • Transdermal Therapy – The application of medication directly on the area of the body experiencing pain.
  • Pulse Stimulation – Provides a steady current of low frequency electrical impulses to specific peripheral nerves.
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