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Non-Surgical Knee Treatments-A Comprehensive Approach

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A recent study in the United States shows that many people develop knee problems in their lifetime. When you start feeling stiffness in the morning, pain when getting up from sitting or even a grinding sensation on your knees, you may have arthritis. But don’t worry, Advanced Wellness’s team are experts at treating a wide variety of knee conditions including arthritis. Advanced Wellness, with offices in Marlboro NJ and Freehold NJ, has a team of experts who work together to offer the best options for your knee pain or any other joint pain.

A correct diagnosis is the first step in determining a comprehensive knee treatment program. Typically an xray is the first step. This will help in us evaluate the knee joint including the bones and cartilage. MRI may also be necessary. Knee muscles weakness or imbalance, bones, ligaments, and cartilages, are all potential factors causing your knee problem.

Non-Surgical Knee Treatments

NSAIDs or Medication for Knee Pain Should be Limited

After your knee problem has been identified, we will go over the different treatments options. Many people would prefer not spending long hours undergoing surgeries, and they are also not ready to face the many risks that come with surgery. Therefore, the doctor may give you non-surgical treatments for your knee problem. For instance, if you have damaged cartilage, non-surgical treatments can help in healing them. The use of NSAIDS or any anti inflammatory medicine should only be used for short periods. There are many sided effects and the root cause of the problem is never addressed with medication.

PRP for Osteoarthritis

If you have been diagnosed by Osteoarthritis, there are several effective non-surgical treatments available for you, like the Platelet-Rich Plasma injections. Injections of the PRP is an effective treatment for managing pain related to Osteoarthritis. Primarily, the Platelets in your body contain growth factors which are injected. The Platelets are separated from your blood plasma using a special centrifuge. Once harvested they are injected into the damaged muscle, tendons or ligaments. This accelerates the body’s ability to heal.


Another non-surgical approach for treating Osteoarthritis is Viscosupplementation, also known to many as gel injections. This is a procedure where a lubricating fluid referred to as hyaluronate is injected into your affected knee joint. This helps provide lubrication and cushioning to help the body provide shock absorption to the knee.

Viscosupplementation treatment is usually done after the other treatment options have been exhausted, and they have not relieved your knee pain. Patients receiving the treatment, usually report pain relief after 2-4 weeks after starting their injections. The length of the pain relief varies, but some patients have reported benefits lasting to more than six months after injections. This helps many people avoid knee surgery.

There a very few side effects of Viscosupplementation and PRP. The most common is some swelling a few hours after the injection. PRP and Viscosupplemantation are just two options for non-surgical knee treatment. These treatments combined with various other treatment options including Physical Therapy and Acupuncture are all offered at Advanced Wellness. We have treated thousands of patients over the past 25 years.

Our main goal at Advanced Wellness is not just to treat your symptoms but strive to find the root cause of your problem. We have developed a daily routine of discussing every patient that walks through our doors every day, giving you access to our dedicated wellness team.

Our services are convenient, and we ensure that you get the treatment that is right for you. We offer adequate services that will help you manage your osteoarthritis pain, such as physical therapy, acupuncture, pain management and orthopedic surgery. It is easy to schedule your sessions with us, making your experience stress-free and convenient which will help you get better faster.

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