Medically Supervised Natural Type 2 Diabetes Program

Drugs are not the only answer. Our program has seen 100’s of patients lower their A1C and reduce insulin intake and get off medication. Our goal is to stabilize blood sugar levels and eliminate insulin resistance through our systematic natural approach.

Type 2 Diabetes is something that
must be taken seriously.

We know that you want to live your life the fullest and to be able to participate in an active lifestyle. At Advanced Wellness we take a whole body approach to helping you feel better. We identify the root cause of your problem and devise a personalized plan to get you better faster.

Type 2 Diabetes Facts

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Our approach

Our clinicians

Our program is guided and supervised by Dr. Gary Yen, MD. Our programs are managed by expert nutritionists Christine Jinks and Sheila Piehler.
Gary Yen, MD

Dr. Gary L. Yen is Board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and has a subspecialty in Pain Medicine. Dr. Yen received his medical degree from Ross University.

Christine Jinks, CHHC, CSR

Christine holds a certification as a Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in Manhattan, New York and from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Sheila Piehler, C.H.H.C, A.A.D.P

Sheila Piehler is a board certified Holistic Health Coach through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She has been in the health & wellness field for thirty years beginning as a group fitness instructor and health club manager.


Before enrolling in the Advanced Wellness Type 2 Diabetes program I was spending about 12k a year on insulin. I even had to have injections in my eye to control the pressure. I tried losing weight and changing my diet but nothing was working. I wasn’t losing weight and my A1C remained unchanged. It was a 7.8 and I was on 4 medications. Christine taught me the proper way to combine foods, make lifestyle changes, and gave me supplements that actually helped my body get out of insulin resistance. I lost 30 pounds and my A1C is now 6.3. I also take half the amount of insulin and no longer need eye injections. This program changed my life.

Pat L

I am an RN and thought I should know how to reverse my type 2 diabetes. I work the night shift so let’s say my eating was not the greatest. I was tired all the time and just not feeling well. Even though I tried, my A1C was not coming down. I saw the ad from Advanced Wellness and decided to enroll in the program. I knew the long term effects of diabetes and was determined to do something about it. With the right guidance and support I learned the proper way to combine my meals. The supplements worked naturally with my body to help stabilize my blood sugar. Happily, I can say I am no longer diabetic. This by far was the best decision to join this program and would highly recommend to anyone.

Donna C 

I knew something was wrong. I was thirsty all the time, dizzy and just didn’t feel well. I knew I needed to lose weight and change my diet, but it was hard. I went to my doctor and he ordered bloodwork. I had full blown diabetes with an A1C of 8.2, a fatty liver and high cholesterol. He gave me 4 prescriptions for medications. But I just didn’t want to take it. I joined the Advanced Wellness Type 2 Diabetes program to see if I could improve my health and avoid taking the medicines. I couldn’t believe after finishing the program my A1C was 5.5! My cholesterol and triglycerides were normal. Plus I lost 40 pounds. I avoided the side effects of all of those meds not to mention the cost. I am so grateful to Advanced Wellness and feel better than I have in years.

Christine B 

At my age, (80) I never thought, nor did my doctors that my A1C numbers would improve. I was overweight and found out I was eating all the wrong things. I couldn’t understand it. I consumed every sugar free product to help control my blood sugar and it was not effective. I attended a seminar given by Christine from Advanced Wellness about diabetes and decided to enroll in the program. You can imagine at my age I have quite the team of doctors and they were all so impressed with my constantly improving bloodwork, weight loss and energy levels. I learned so much about how to control this disease and I can happily say, my A1C is the lowest it’s been in years. I am in the low 6’s and used to be in the high 7’s. Plus I lost 30 pounds and feel great. You are never to old or young to take control of your health.

Shirley B 


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