Weight loss doesn’t have to be impossible.

We’ll help create plan based on your specific goals to help you lose weight and feel better.

Treat yourself to the gift of wellness and set yourself up for success. Schedule your appointment today!

Lose Weight with a Personalized Plan

At Advanced Wellness, we know that each body functions a little differently. We take time to understand how each body works and devise a results-driven weight loss plan. Our goal is to help you end your weight loss struggle once and for all.

The plan includes:
  • Consultation with our nutritionists
  • A customized, easy to follow nutrition plan with weekly e-meal suggestions
  • Weekly educational nutrition classes geared to help with shopping and making healthy food choices
  • Vitamins and injectable fat burning supplements
  • Appetite suppressants (if qualified)

Get a Free InBody Analysis ($40 Value)

When You Schedule a Weight Loss or Nutrition Consultation

  • Identify your body composition with fat, lean mass, and total body water.
  • Evaluate if your muscles are serving your body well.
  • Discover if your body/water balance is good.
  • Find out the estimated amount of fat around your internal organs.

This helps us create an effective and customized plan just for you.